Loan or Lease is a cryptocurrency project that is developing a decentralized network of masternodes that run a smart contract peer-to-peer lending platform for cryptocurrency only.



50,000 LOL
Rules & Guidelines
- Must have downloaded the Official LOL Wallet with LOL Address
- Bitcointalk account must be created before the 1st of October 2017
- You must have at least a Jr. Member or higher rank in bitcointalk
- Posts must be constructive, creative, and not re-state what other people have said.
- Negative trust accounts are not allowed to participate. 
- If you get negative ratings during the campaign, you will be disqualified.
- The use of alternate accounts is NOT allowed (1 person per Bounty Entry)
- minimum of 15 Posts per week, less posts in a week  = no reward for that week
- Spamming or Advertising is NOT tolerated.
- Posts in any bounty campaigns, archived threads, auctions, games, micro earnings and off topic posts will not be counted, SPAM is NOT allowed, be sure to post across the forum, not in just 1 place.
- Advertising anything else in your signature will result in disqualification.
- You must complete the whole bounty program from the 1st of january 2018 to the 4th of March 2018 or your entry will not be valid, resulting in disqualification.
- The avatar is mandatory to use for the Full Member rank and above.

Bounty Rewards
Jr. Member 5 LOL per week
Member 10 LOL per week
Full Member 15 LOL per week
Sr. Member 20 LOL per week
Hero Member 25 LOL per week
Legendary Member 30 LOL per week

How to Apply?
Fill in the google form




68,000 LOL
Contact us for more information if you are interested in the Creative Media Bounty Program and would like to get more involved with the project. Please join the LOL Discord and join the #bounty-help channel.

Tendo is the LOL Bounty Manager, so if you receive a message from this account related to the bounty, please read and respond to the message. You can also message him directly for any questions you have.

If you have any further questions, please join our Official Discord Channel -

Thank you everyone for the support and good luck!

The official ANN thread can be found here:



7,000 LOL
-Bitcointalk account must be created before 10/01/2017
- You must have at least a Jr. Member or higher rank in bitcointalk
-One reservation per person
-Translations are for WP/ANN
-ANN should be moderated by translator or the reward is going to be less.
-Translations must be original, no translation tools!


DOWNLOAD the LOL wallet to receive rewards, we can only send the coins to a LOL address!

25 LOL for ANN + bonus reward for good moderation
100 LOL for Whitepaper

How to Apply
Post here what language you would like to reserve to check and see its availability, along with past experience and please join our Discord Channel

Discord: @Username
ANN/WP: Both