Secret God is a discreet decentralized society born from blockchain

- We are a private society bound by blockchain, unhindered by geography and governments
- We facilitate dialogue on global concerns, including those involving consensus
- We collaborate and advance our collective abilities, technologies, and prosperity
- We build true legacies and carry forward the higher values and ethics of the Blockchain Era

Approximately 50,000 SGD tokens are available.

The campaign will be announced in phases here, the SECRET GOD ANN thread, and social media channels.

If you are interested in a bounty, respond via PM here, via email, or in the thread to reserve. Please also make sure you are familiar with our project:

More bounties will be announced soon

Signature Campaign


This bounty is open to board members with Senior and Hero/Legendary status. Participants must devote their space to a simple SECRET GOD signature, to be provided after acceptance of the task.

     Reward: .1 ETH, distributed after sale
     Available: 20
     Requirements: Signature must be displayed February 2 – March 19, or until the end of the sale. 
                             User must post 25 times per week in the major boards to be eligible for the reward.
     Status: OPEN

Translation Campaign


This bounty is open to all board members. Participants must translate our ENG thread ( using his or her native language. 

     Reward: .12 ETH, Feb 1 - Feb 5, and .09 ETH Feb 5 - Feb 12 ----- distributed after sale
     Available: Korean, Japanese, ChineseIndonesian, German, Arabic, Persian, Spanish, Russian, Filipino, Dutch
     Requirement: Must be an original translation, no Google. Must be posted in the right forum by February 2.
     Status: OPEN

**If you have reserved a translation bounty and no one above you has reserved it, it's yours. Please complete the translation within 24 hours of reservation. If 24 hours has passed, the next person to reserve that language may have it. When you are done, post the link to the new translated thread along with your ETH address. 

Satoshi Nakamoto Bounty


This bounty is open to all board members. 

     Reward: 3000 5000 SGD
     Available: 1
     Requirement: Be the first to prove the identity (-ies) of Satoshi Nakamoto. Answers kept private. 
     Status: OPEN

**State your intention in the thread and PM for communication details.