Xandracoin is a decentralized multipurpose peer-to-peer digital currency based on blockchain technology. Xandracoin was created with the aim of solving the general problems associated with traditional methods of currency exchange. Xandracoin can also be used as a store of value; this makes it an asset and provides multiple opportunities for investment with potentially high rewards. It is seamless, borderless, and extremely fast with low transaction fees

We are introducing our new bounty campaign, which will last for 3 weeks. To find out more about XandraCoin, you can follow the links above. There are 240,000 tokens available for this campaign representing 4% of the total tokens available for sale. The funds will be split into different campaigns in such a format: 

YouTube Campaign 15%
Facebook  25%
Twitter  20%
Telegram Campaign 10%
Blogger campaign 10% 
Translation campaign 20%

Stakes will be distributed every Friday to participants.
The stakes received will allow you to get XDC tokens at the end of the campaign.
This campaign will last until the end of Xandra Coin ICO.
You will receive your bounty reward in your XandraCoin account after the completion of ICO. Please provide your correct username on the google sheet to claim your free tokens.
First stake distribution will occur on Friday, 9th February 2018.


Twitter Campaign


All participants must follow our official Twitter account.
Account must be at least 3 months old.
Must have at least 100 followers. 
Minimum of 5 shares must be done weekly to be eligible for payment.
Make 3 tweets per week about Xandracoin.io. Tweet must link to https://xandracoin.io (NO OTHER LINK) , contain related hashtag(s).
Use your referral link in the posts.

100-250 followers: 1 stake per week
250-500 followers: 2 stakes per week
500-1000 followers: 3 stakes per week
1000+ followers: 5 stakes per week

To sign up for this bounty please fill the google form.
Spreadsheet: Link

Translation Campaign


We are looking for Vietnamese, French, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish, Italian, Filipino, Japanese, Russian and Korean translators

One reservation per person
We will ask you to translate our ANN thread and Whitepaper.
The translator will be responsible for moderating the translation thread.
All translations must be original

Whitepaper translation: 10 stakes per week
Ann translation: 5 stakes per week

To sign up for this bounty please fill the Form.
Spreadsheet: Link

Youtube Campaign


You must have at least 100 organic subscribers on youtube.
Must publish a minimum of one video giving a review of Xandra Coin.
quality videos with clear picture and voice recording.
Videos must not be taken down for the entire duration of the ICO stage. 
1-5 Minutes video:  3 stakes per week
5-10 minutes’ video: 5 stakes per week
10+ minutes video: 10 stakes per week
If your channel has over 1,000 subscribers, please send us a pm, and we can arrange something special with you. 

To sign up for this bounty please fill the google form.
Spreadsheet: Link

Telegram Campaign


Join our telegram channel: https://t.me/xandracoin
Stay in channel until end of ICO
Please note that you will have to provide screenshots of your post on other channels

You will receive 2 stakes for joining our telegram channel 
Posting about Xandracoin on other telegram groups: 5 stakes per week

To sign up for this bounty please fill the google form.
Spreadsheet: Link

Blogger Campaign


Blog must be at least 3 months old.
The blog post/article should contain at least 200 words.
Blog must be visible to the public.
You must add a link to the Ann thread, bounty thread and website in the text.
200-500 words: 3 stakes per week
500-1000 words: 5 stakes per week
1000 words+ : 10 stakes per week

To sign up for this bounty please fill the google form.
Spreadsheet: Link