Akroma is launching a bounty program as a chance for community members to earn AKA in reward for helping promote Akroma.

The bounty program is scheduled to start on February 23 and running until April 1st. During that time 50% of the Akroma Foundation development fund (approx 25,000 AKA) will be set aside as bounty rewards. The rewards will be distributed after the completion of the bounty program. Rewards for each items will be percentage based on the type of reward and the number of submissions.

Each type of submission has its own rules that need to be follow in order to quality for the bounty program. Please review these rules to ensure that your account (social, blog, etc) meets the requirements to be eligible for the bounty program.

Platform reward breakdown

  • Blogging, YouTube, and Articles — 35%
  • Translation — 25%
  • Twitter — 20%
  • Facebook — 15%
  • Discord — 5%

Terms and Conditions

  • Start date: February 23, End date: April 1st
  • To participate in the bounty program, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Participants can only participate with one account per platform.
  • All rewards will be in AKA
  • Participants disqualified, for any reason, will not receive any bounty rewards.
  • The Akroma team reserve the right to change any rule or requirement at any time for any reason.
  • All AKA will be allocated to your Akroma Wallet within 4 weeks from the end of the program.


Twitter Campaign


Discord Rules


  • Eligible for 5% of the AKA collected during the bounty program
  • Participants must join the official Akroma Discord

Blogging, YouTube, and Articles Rules


Translation Campaign


Translate the Akroma announcement thread or this bounty thread, moderating and managing the thread. Keeping it updated and posting regular news and updates from the bitcointalk thread, or medium.

Facebook Campaign