ADITUS is a revolutionary platform that aims to bridge the world of luxury to crypto-affluents.

We believe that engagement with our vibrant crypto ecosystem is crucial towards creating awareness.

For this reason, we are launching a series of new Bounty Campaigns with a variety of creative venues for everyone to contribute.

The first of which is a blogging and written content  bounty campaign will run from 12 February till 12 March 2018. 

The distribution of Aditus (ADI) tokens to those who have participated will take place from 12 March 2018 onwards until everyone has received their bounty reward.

Creative Creation Campaign



Write a blog, or an article on Medium or Stemmit about Aditus including the latest updates and publish it. Written content should include an explanation of the Aditus business model and the latest updates based on the press materials provided. The same materials should not be used in a subsequent write-up.  Each article submitted will be graded accordingly:

• Fair: 1,000 ADI 
• Good: 5,000 ADI
• Outstanding: 10,000 ADI

An extra bonus of 10,000 ADI will be given to participants who have written an exceptional article or review.

Press releases and images can be accessed: HERE


  • Subscribe to us on Medium: and Reddit:
  • The content you create should be original and have a minimum of 500 words.
  • The content must include a minimum of two supporting links to the Aditus website ( and social media channels.
  • Published content must contain Bitcointalk username and profile link for verification of authorship.
  • Plagiarism or submission of content made by others will not be accepted.
  • Share the published write-up on at least two social media platforms that are publicly accessible on the internet.
  • The Aditus team has the right to change any of the stated requirements and rules during the bounty campaign.

To register your participation, please fill up this form: HERE
Aditus Written Campaign Participants List: HERE

For more information about Aditus, kindly visit