A brand-new financial trading platform with the blockchain technology. is designed and structured to revolutionize traditional trading platforms, since there are lots of inconveniences with which the traders have to deal on a daily basis.

Currently, trading in the financial markets must go through brokerage firms, from stocks, bonds to currencies or commodities. The operation of these firms/platforms costs a lot of money in infrastructures, operating, selling and other expenses. These costs are charged to traders on each trading volume of their transaction, under different names as spread, swap, commission, tax, etc.

Nami.Trade is happy to announce its social media bounty, one of the highest paying bounty in bitcointalk  community. We have reserved 3 Million of our NAC distribution for social media bounty.

If You are out of sharing posts or not getting enough posts to share from Twitter, Facebook,  Use Nami's News Room to get more posts.

Twitter Campaign


Twitter Bounty Token Distribution :

3% NAC Tokens are reserved for Whole bounty which will be distributed among participants according to their Number of followers as below :

💰 200-500 Followers : 80 NAC per week.
💰 500-1500 Followers : 120 NAC per week.
💰 1500-3000 Followers : 130 NAC  per week.
💰 3000-5000 Followers :  140 NAC per week.
💰 5000 and above Followers : 150 NAC per week.

Rules for Twitter Bounty :

1. Acceptable Members:  Jr.Member And Higher.
2. You must follow Nami Official Twitter Account. 

3. You must retweet and like all tweets by Nami(minimum 5 every week).
4. You must tweet at least 1 of your original tweet about Nami and use hash tags #nami #ico in it.
5. Twitter accounts must be real and must have 80% twitter audit.
6. Participants are required to retweet and share post everyday and not all retweet or sharing in just 1 day.

Apply for participation in following format :



Bitcointalk Username :
Bitcointalk Profile link :
Twitter Username and Profile Link :
Number of Followers :
Your Ethereum Address :

You must post all your retweet and tweet links in the following format Every week before Before Tuesday else your posts will not be rewarded : 

First Week :
Retweet Link 1 
Retweet Link 2
Retweet Link 3
Retweet Link 4
Retweet Link 5
Tweet Link

Facebook Campaign


Facebook Bounty stakes distribution :

💰100-500 Followers/Friends : 80 NAC per week.
💰500-1500 Followers/Friends : 120 NAC per week.
💰1500-3000 Followers/Friends : 130 NAC per week.
💰3000-5000Plus Followers/Friends : 140 NAC per week.
💰5000 Plus Followers/Friends : 150 NAC per week.

Rules for Facebook Bounty :

1. Participant must like and share Nami Official Facebook page. 
2. Must like and share every post published by Nami.
3. Participant profile must be public.
4. You must Post constructive comment on at least 1 Nami post/

Apply for participation in following format :


Bitcointalk Username :
Bitcointalk Profile link :
Facebook Username and Profile Link :
Number of Facebook Friends :
Ethereum Address :

You must post all your Shared Posts and Comment links in the following format Every week before Tuesday else your work will not be rewarded : 

First Week
Shared Post Link 1 
Shared Post Link 2
Shared Post Link 3
Shared Post Link 4
Shared Post Link 5
Own Post Link

🖋If you are applying for both Twiter and Facebook bounty, Please apply in 1 single post. To avoid confusion, Please Edit original post everytime and not create junk by posting differents.

Signature Campaign


Terms and Conditions for signature campaign :

1.Participant must be at least Jr.Member with no negative trust.
2.You must make minimum 10 posts Each Week to be eligible for payment.
3.Posts with less than 50 characters will not be counted.
4.If you get negative trust or banned from forum for whatever reasons,you will be disqualified and no payment will be rewarded to you.
5.Multiple accounts are not allowed and users found using more than one account, will be disqualified.
6.You must not remove NAMI signature and avatar during participation of campaign.
7. Posts in Off-topic,Beginners & Help,Politics & Society, Local, posts in this thread and any other signature campaign,bounty or giveaway thread will not be counted.
8.You must join NAMI Official Telegram Channel 


Payments : As We are Paying in NAC Tokens, We have Higher The Rewards

•Jr.Member: 130 NAC  per week.
•Member : 150 NAC per week.
•Full Member : 200  NAC per week.
•Sr.Member : 220 NAC per week.
•Hero/Legendary : 250 NAC per week.

Payment will be made on every Tuesday. All posts each week must be done by 23:59 forum time on Monday.
This is a 4 week campaign.Starting from 13/02/2018 and ends on 13/03/2018

You can also join NAMI's 
  Bounty Campaign   


Number of spots available :

Jr.Member :  20
Member : 20
Full Member : 20
Sr.Member : 20
Hero/Legendary Member : 20

How To Apply:

Wear signature and Avatar then apply in the following format.


Username : 
Profile Link :
Post Count :
Rank :
Ethereum Address :