The goal of the project is to contribute to solving a number of problems that occur in the world medicine. We offer a comprehensive solution that is based on world scientific knowledge and proprietary developments in the field of diagnostics, treatment, prevention of a wide range of diseases, including the most common ones - cardiovascular diseases.

The release of the devices will successfully complement the creation of a decentralized system of blockchain medicine, aiming to expand the availability of medical services, improve their quality, reliability, and disseminate the maximum amount of information related to human health within the community.

Thanks to our project, the community will have access to a qualitatively new level of healthcare and longevity, as already hundreds of thousands of people have, who use the technologies and equipment produced by our company.

Objectives of the project:

  • Development and production of portable and professional medical, healthcare and cosmetology equipment;
  • Development and implementation of the Blockchain Medical Platform;
  • Research of new technologies for the further creation of new devices;
  • Registration and patenting of products in the markets of the EU, North America, Australia, Russia, Asia, the Middle East and others;
  • Creation of a network of healthcare centers under our own brand.


Translation and Moderation Bounty Campaign



Whitepaper – 800 Stakes 
Landing Page – 300 Stakes
ANN Thread + Bounty Thread – 700 Stakes
Moderation/ Management – 50 Stakes/ week[/list]

Translations must be original and made by the user only. 
Using google translate and other tools is strictly prohibited and leads to disqualification.
Only Valid Posts of the Translators will be accepted.
Translators must be active. In the case of translator’s inactivity, another Moderator will be hired for updating and moderating the thread.
Only constructive posts are counted. Spam and unnecessary posts won’t be counted. Spammers will be disqualified.
Manager and Owner Reserve the rights to change the terms or apply new terms[/list]

How to Join 

Sign Up for Translation bounty campaign: TRANSLATION BOUNTY CAMPAIGN

Where to Check Bounty Balance
You can view your Bounty Balance in the spreadsheet here.

Current Translations Status
Language Status

Spanish Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending.

German Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending.

Arabic Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending.

Japanese Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending.

Hebrew Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending.

French Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending.

Italian Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending.

Indonesian Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending

Chinese Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending

Hindi Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending

Dutch Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending

Russian Accepted

Turkish Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending

Korean Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending

Vietnamese Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending

Polish Whitepaper+Announcement+Bounty pending

Blog and Media Publications Bounty Campaign


Original Article bounty will be distributed between the creators of the posts, reviews and press releases about “ELC TOKEN & BLOCKCHAIN INTELLIGENT MEDICINE”
Anyone can participate - just create a 350+ words long text about ELC & the project and publish it. The better and longer your text, the more ELC you will receive.

Original article big, 20,000 characters or more [300 ELC]
Original article medium, 10k - 20k characters [150 ELC]
Original article small, below 10k characters [50 ELC]

Accepted Content Type: Blog posts, Articles. (Original Articles only)
All Languages are welcome

Usage of Google Translate and online translators
Articles on private resources or behind paywalls

Terms and conditions:
Article must be freely accessible
Article must be original and should contain at least 300 words.
Article must reflect our information as stated on our elcoin.io website
Article must at least contain 1-2 active links to our elcoin.io website

How to Join:

Please sign up for the ELCoin Blog and Media Publications bounty campaign: BLOG AND MEDIA PUBLICATIONS BOUNTY CAMPAIGN

Where to Check Bounty Balance
You can view your Bounty Balance in the spreadsheet here.

>>>> To submit your work - please post the links here in the thread (1 post per week) <<<<

Facebook & Twitter Bounty Campaign


Follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

Your account must have at least 200 followers

Maximum 1 Retweet/repost per day and 7 Retweets/reposts per week will be counted.

Maximum 1 Tweet/post per day and 7 Tweets/post per week will be counted.

Retweets & Tweets, Reposts & Posts have to stay public until the end of the Bounty campaign

The account must be original. Inactive account or account with fake followers will not be accepted.

Post links to your Retweets / Tweets and Reposts / Posts till every Wednesday 23:59 UTC in the Bounty thread using this example

Week #

1 RT link:
2 RT link:

1 Tweet link:
2 Tweet link:



Linking your Facebook Account – 2 ELC 
Like our Facebook Page – 2 ELC 
Having 200 – 999 Friends – 6 ELC per Post / 2 ELC per Repost 
Having 1000 – 1999 Friends – 12 ELC per Post / 4 ELC per Repost 
Having 2000 – 2999 Friends – 18 ELC per Post / 6 ELC per Repost 
Having 3000 – 3999 Friends – 24 ELC per Post / 8 ELC per Repost 
Over 4000 Friends – 30 ELC per Post / 10 ELC per Repost

Linking your Twitter Account – 2 ELC 
Like our Twitter Page – 2 ELC 
Having 200 – 1499 Followers – 6 ELC per Tweet / 2 ELC per Retweet 
Having 1500 – 2999 Followers – 12 ELC per Tweet / 4 ELC per Retweet 
Having 3000 – 4999 Followers – 18 ELC per Tweet / 6 ELC per Retweet 
Having 5000 – 6999 Followers – 24 ELC per Tweet / 8 ELC per Retweet 
Having 7000 – 9999 Followers – 30 ELC per Tweet / 10 ELC per Retweet 
Over 10,000 Followers – 36 ELC per Tweet / 12 ELC per Retweet

How to Join:


How to join:
1. Follow @ https://twitter.com/ELCOIN_IO
2. Sign up to the ELCoin Twitter bounty campaign: TWITTER BOUNTY CAMPAIGN  

Link to the Twitter Campaign Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l0OSE5mqS0HMT9mm92ik7Dhnp9E5dO137znRftyabrg/edit?usp=sharing 


How to join:
1. Like and follow our FACEBOOK page.
2. Sign up to the ELCoin Facebook campaign: FACEBOOK BOUNTY CAMPAIGN 

Week 1:
*Links to your posts made in the 1st week*
Week 2:
*Links to your posts made in the 2nd week*
Week 3:
*Links to your posts made in the 3rd week*
Week 4:
*Links to your posts made in the 4th week*


Where to Check Bounty Balance

Link to the Facebook Campaign Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v7AUFhvtweqA5yL6XNH1QsHIsYdm-XCUIttAoICROXc/edit?usp=sharing 

Bitcointalk.org Signature & Avatar Bounty Campaign


We are looking for the active Bitcointalk users. All members need to post at least 10 posts a week; Having the ELC ICO signature by the time the ELC ICO ends to be eligible for a reward.


Junior Members : 5 stakes per week

Members : 10 stakes per week

Senior/Full : 30 stakes per week (15 stakes +15 extra stakes for avatar)

Legendary/Hero: 60 stakes per week (30 stakes +30 extra stakes for avatar)

How to Join: stay tuned
Change your signature to the one corresponding your Account Rank. If you are Full Member or above, you can also change your avatar to get extra 100% stakes.
Apply in this form.
Here is the signature campaign spreadsheet. We will change your status to "Accepted" or "Denied". Once you are accepted, the post count will be updated in the "Starting Post Count" column and your posts will start counting.
Keep your signature (and avatar if you also are in that campaign) until the spreadsheet is updated with the final post count at the end of the campaign.

Negative trust
Multiple signatures
Signature and/or avatar change during the campaign
Posts in following Discussion Boards: Politics and Society, Off-topic, Archival, Auctions, Lending, Beginners and help, Micro Earnings
Spam, abuse, low-quality posts, copy and paste posts, offtopic, and insults

The Signature must be held until the end of the campaign. In case you remove or modify the signature in the middle of the campaign, you are disqualified. If you also use the avatar, the same applies.
You need to make at least 10 constructive posts each week to receive stakes. At least 6 of them must be posted in English boards.
Constructive posts must have 100 characters or more.
Only for BitcoinTalk Jr. Members and up.
Posts in alternate cryptocurrencies section are required.
Participants are rewarded according to their rank

Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found spamming will be immediately and permanently disqualified, reported to the moderators, and banned from any other bounty campaign.
Posts in any bounty thread will not count.
Posts must be constructive and On-topic. Spamming, low quality posts, copy paste and off topic posts will not be counted.

Telegram campaign


10 shares per valid participation.
+XX Bonus shares for the most active participants.

To get a reward:
Join elcoin.io Telegram Group
stay active throughout the week. 10 messages Minimum Throughout the week. (Will be counted as 2 maximum per day) BUT A SHARES BONUS WILL BE SHARED BETWEEN THE MORE ACTIVE. DO NOT LIMIT TO 10 MESSAGES.) I will designate them at the end of the campaign.
Only one telegram account per each BitcoinTalk user is allowed
(To copy the link of your telegram message: right click on your message then click on copy the link)

How to Join:

The form to post on this thread:

WEEK: 2 (14-21)
Your number on the spreadsheet (If you are not on "-"):
Your bitcointalk username:
Telegram @username:
Ether adress:

Links to your activity (messages) :
1- (dd/mm):
2- (dd/mm):
3- (dd/mm):
4- (dd/mm):
5- (dd/mm):
6- (dd/mm):
7- (dd/mm):
8- (dd/mm):
9- (dd/mm):
10- (dd/mm):

The membership form to post on this thread: You can publish the form and then modify it, no manual verification will be done, you have to provide all the links.