PayPro is a financial marketplace where any Decentralized Application (dApp) will be able to offer its services. Thus, dApps will be competing among them to become your supplier, not the other way around as with banks.

In order to accomplish this goal, we are building first a universal wallet that will be capable to store most popular crypto-currencies and any ERC-20 token. As soon as we have released the wallet, we will build the marketplace.

Telegram campaign


1. Join to PayPro channel @payproico

How to join:
1. To sign up follow the link: CLICK HERE
2. Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE

Signature Campaign



Jr.Member: 1 stakes
Member: 3 stakes
Full Member/Sr.Member: 5 stakes
Herro/Legendary: 7 stakes
Avatar: 0.5 stakes

1. Newbies are not allowed to Join
2. Use PayPro signature to the end of the campaign
3. Posts with less than 75 characters will not be counted as valid posts
4. Make 100 posts to the end of the campaign
5. Register with multiple accounts, will be blacklisted

How to join:
1. To sign up follow the link: CLICK HERE
2. Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE



Articles campaign


Standar quality: 200 stakes
Medium quality: 300
high quality: 400

1.The Blogs and Webs accepted to access this reward are: blogger, Wordpress, personal websites, third-party websites, strictly related to cryptos
2. The posts and articles must use english language
2. The posts and articles published must contain a minimum of 500 words, the PAYPRO logo and: be clear, Concise and explanatory
3. The posts and articles must contain 1 link to ANN thread, 3 links to, 1 link to your own bitcointalk profile
5. The copy / paste or any type of spam or publications that go against the project are not allowed

How to join:
1. To sign up follow the link: CLICK HERE
2. Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE

Video campaign


1. Normal quality: 10 stakes
2. Medium quality: 30 stakes
3. High quality: 50 stakes
4. TOP quality: 100 stakes

1. Describe about PAYPRO and it's features
2. You can upload them on Youtube
3. Must 500 Subcribe
4. Duration of not less than 2 minutes
5. We will give stakes according to the quality and audience of the article/review/blog post/video. The better it is, more stakes you receive. The amount of stakes assigned is not negotiable.
6. Plagiarism and others will be banned

How to join:
1. To sign up follow the link: CLICK HERE
2. Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE



We have decided to add an extra bounty: we are going to giveaway 1,000 PYP for rating PayPro + 2 more ICOs at ICO-Bench.

- 1,000 PYPs will be distributed among all participants - eg. if only one person participates, one person gets 1,000 PYPs, or if 10 people participates, everyone will get 100 PYPs.
- Bounty limited to 15 participants.
- Participants must rate 2 other ICOs on ICO Bench.
- Tokens will be distributed after the ICO is ended.
- Ratings must be high. We will discretionary decide whether or not are good.

How to Join:
- Sign up here: /forms/SmxwHgKrnHZZP3kW2]https://[Suspicious link removed]/forms/SmxwHgKrnHZZP3kW2
- Track your tokens allocation:
- Link to ICO Bench:

Founder and campaign managers are entitled, change rules, add rules, reject you from campaign.

Translations and moderation campaign



1. Translate ANN Thread: 50 stakes
2. Translate Bounty Thread: 50 stakes
3. Translate Whitepaper: 300 stakes
4. Moderation thread: 5 stakes/posts

1. A translation must be of a high quality. Not done by using translating tools, google and another.
2. The translator should be responsible and moderate the translation thread
3. Enter your translation results no later than 6 days after acepted

How to join:
1. Please, post in this thread to reserve your translation.


Profile link:
Portfolio/Experience/previous translations links:
ANN Thread+Thread Bounty: Y/N
Do you want to reserve Whitepaper translation: Y/N
ETH (myetherwallet):

ANN thread PSD file: HERE
Whitepaper file (.doc): HERE

2. Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE

Artwork campaign


1. Standard : 10 stakes/art
2. Medium : 30 stakes/art
3. Hight : 50 stakes/art

1. Artwork must be original, positive and creative using PAYPRO logo or, sharing artwork to Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Instagram.
2. Follower or friend must 1000  Wink
3. Max 3 artwork/day.
4. Artwork must be related to cryptocurrencies / blockchain / crowdfunding / crowdinvesting or something else in these theme
5. use hastag #PayPro or #PayProICO

How to join:
1. You have to post your posts and Artwork in this thread every week: 
2. Spreadsheet : CLICK HERE