All-In Coin

"All-In Coin" (AIC) relies upon a simple strategy to maximize upon the phenomena in cryptocurrencies whereby new projects may give incredibly high initial returns before tanking. The only goal of the AIC project is to maximize its ETH holdings through investments such as private sales, Pre-ICOs, ICOs and cryptocurrencies already on the market. The AIC fund will only ever invest in one single coin or ICO at a time with exactly half of its total funds (thus the "All-In" term). 

If the investment the AIC fund chooses is a good one and it reaches its targeted goals, we will exit the investment and move on to the next one with exactly half of the new total funds. If the investment is poor, we will exit at our stop-loss and do the same thing. Our main skill as shareholders of the AIC fund will be to identify upcoming projects and undervalued market-cap coins that will give the best returns in terms of ETH.

All-In Coin is a crypto-hedge fund run by me that has just started its ICO. It's a very low market-cap coin only looking to raise between 10 - 300 ETH. 5% of the ETH raised will be issued to Bounty Hunters in the form of the AIC token. 10 ETH must be raised for the project to launch. The AIC token is directly redeemable for ETH from the fund immediately after ICO conclusion provided soft cap is reached. Since this is a low market-cap project, we are only taking a small number of participants - all bounties have low stake caps before being closed.

Bounty Pool Divided As Follows:
Signature Campaign - 15% (limited to only 10 participants)
Social Media Campaign - 25%
Youtube Campaign - 10% (capped at 1000 stakes before closing, only a few good quality videos would reach this)
Article Campaign - 10% (capped at 1000 stakes before closing, only a few good quality articles would reach this)
Translation Campaign - 20% (capped at 1000 stakes before closing, only 5 translators covering the short ICO announcement would cap this).
Engagement Bounty -20%


General Requirements:
All members must join both the main Discord Chat and Bounty discord chat. 
Main Discord:
Bounty Discord:
All ICO questions may only be asked in the Bounty discord chat. Asking bounty related questions in the main Discord chat may lead to bounty disqualification.

The main purpose of this campaign is not pointless spamming, but rather positioning a few quality posts in your social circles to gain attraction to the ICO. You will be rewarded mostly for exposure and quality rather than quantity. A single choice few words sent to the right friends will be allocated far higher stakes than hundreds of spam posts.

Reddit Campaign


Submission Link:
Make a post mentioning the ICO on Reddit. It's not considered you'll get many upvotes, so the main focus when awarding bounty stakes will be based on the discussion generated in the comments, both positive and negative. As long as there is some engagement, you'll receive good stakes.

Base Staking:
No Engagement (no comments, or all fake comments from accounts obviously belonging to you): 0 Stakes
Some Engagement (1-2 comments from unique accounts not belonging to you): 15 Stakes
Good Engagement (3 - 10 comments from unique accounts not belonging to you): 40 stakes
Serious Engagement (11 comments+ from unique accounts not belonging to you): 150 stakes

Multiplier of above based upon your Account Karma:
0-50 Karma: x0 Multiplier (post invalid, no stakes awarded)
201-2000 Karma: x1
2001-10,000 Karma: x1.5
10k+ Karma: x2

Example 1: You make a post in a sub that gets 0 upvotes, however it generates Good engagement (has at least 3 replies) and your Account karma is 2001. This would give you 40 * 1.5 = 60 stakes.
Example 2: You make a post in a sub that gets 20 upvotes and has no replies. You would get 0 stakes.

Facebook Campaign


Submission Link:
Make a post on your wall casually mentioning the ICO in a good or bad light. As long as it generates some discussion in your comments, this is a good thing. Since you're using your real personal fb account, don't spam your friends, keep the discussion informal. Your stakes will depend upon the engagement your post generates. 1 comment = 10 likes.

Your FB must be a real, personal fb account, no fake friends, no dummy accounts. PM me the link to your post if you wish to keep your fb private from this forum, and write in the spreadsheet PRIVATE instead (under Facebook URL). I can easily tell the difference between fake personal accounts, so don't try this or it will result in full bounty program disqualification.

Base Staking:
No engagement (no comments, no likes, or fake comments or fake likes): 0 stakes
Some Engagement (1-3 comments, 10-30 likes): 15 stakes
Good Engagement (4-15 comments, 40-80 likes): 40 stakes
Serious Engagement (15 comments +, 150 likes +): 150 stakes

Multiplier of above based upon your Friend count:
0-499 Friends: x0 Multiplier (invalid, no stakes awarded)
500-1000 Friends: x1 Multiplier
1001 - 2500 Friends: x1.5 Multiplier
2501-5000 Friends: x2 Multiplier
5000+ Friends: x3 Multiplier

Example 1: You make a post to your social circle and it gets 3 comments and 10 likes. Since 10 likes = 1 comment, this is equivalent to 4 comments. You have 600 friends. You'll get 40 * 1 = 40 stakes.
Example 2: You buy a Facebook account from this forum that has 10,000 fake friends. You upvote your post with 2000 fake likes. You get 0 stakes.

Translation Campaign


Submission Link:
Translate the ANN thread into your own native language forum, and encourage discussion of the ICO there. In order to receive stakes, you must generate discussion and respond to it. Using Google translator or any translation service will result in disqualification. You should speak the language so you can engage with the community. Simply making a translation and abandoning the thread will result in 0 stakes.

Paste your translation link in the spreadsheet. Your language is considered claimed only when the link to your ANN translation is in the spreadsheet and it's been officially accepted. We do not need Bounty translation or whitepaper translation, only ANN translation. Since the translation is short and the ICO is also short, please remember, you must be active in your ANN thread throughout this short ICO to receive any stakes. Inactivity will result in disqualification.

Base Staking
ANN Translation: 100 stakes

Engagement Multiplier
You make the ANN thread but then no one replies and you no longer reply to it, or you use a translation service: x0 (no stakes awarded)
You reply to discussions in your ANN thread and generate some interest around the ICO (around 2-10 replies exist) : x1
You generate some serious discussion and interest in the ICO in your ANN thread (around 11-100 replies exist): x2
The ICO becomes a hot topic in your sub-language forum (100+ replies exist): x5

As you can see, it would only take 2 translators to generate a "hot topic" in their ANN threads to cap out and close the translation bounty to newcomers.

Example 1: You translate the ANN in your local language forum, 1 person replies, you don't reply to it. You get 0 stakes
Example 2: You translate the ANN in your local language forum, you generate discussion and there are 20 replies total. You get 100 * x2 = 200 stakes.

Article/Media Campaign


Submission Link:
YouTube Campaign
We are looking for some YouTube personalities willing to cover the ANN thread. If you don't have much subscribers but can target the ICO then that's also fine, but you must have at least 20. 
Video: Must be at least 30 seconds in length
There will be 3 criteria to determine stake allocation based upon the video quality, subscribers, but most importantly the engagement the video generates.

Base Staking (video quality):
Poor Quality/Copied/Unoriginal, Under 30 seconds: 0 stakes
Medium quality, lengthy, covers things in detail: 20 stakes
High quality: 80 stakes
Professional quality: 150 stakes

Engagement multiplier: (10 upvotes will equal 1 comment, but at least 1 comment is necessary)
No engagement (no comments, no votes, fake upvotes/comments): 0 stakes
Some engagement (1-3 comments, 10-30 upvotes): x1
Good Engagement (4-8 comments, 40-80 upvotes): x1.5
Serious engagement (9+ comments, 90+ upvotes): x2

Additional Subscriber multiplier
0-20 subscribers, or fake subscribers: x0 (no stakes awarded)
21-100 subscribers: x1 
101-500 subscribers: x1.25
501-2000 subscribers: x1.5
2001-5000 subscribers: x2
5001-20,000 subscribers: x3
20,000+ subscribers: x5

Example 1: You have a top Youtube channel with 5000 subscribers. You make a video about the ICO and generate serious engagement, the video is high quality. You'll get 150 * 2 * 5 = 1500 stakes, which is higher than the 1000 stakes cap, so you'll be warded the 1500 stakes and the Youtube bounty will now be closed since it's surpassed the 1000 stakes cap, regardless of prior activity.
Example 2: You make a poor quality video without your voice using some powerpoint slide that goes for 10 minutes and generates 2 comments. 0 stakes due to poor video quality multiplier.

Article Campaign
We are looking for articles in good quality English that generate some form of engagement. Engagement is best measured on a platform such as SteemIt/Medium where your followers and the article upvotes/claps will be used as weights, however comments will have the greatest weight. If it's your own private blog site, the popularity of the site will be the main determining factor.

Article rules -
Cover the ICO announcement, link to it, say whatever you want about it but DO NOT copy it verbatim
Do not copy other articles or websites, copyscape will be used
Each article must be at least 500 words, higher word count with images will award higher stakes
Must be in good quality English, more fluent quality will result in higher stakes, bad quality english will result in no stakes
Your post must be somewhere that it generates some form of engagement, articles which will never be read will generate no stakes, regardless of quality 
Any attempt to fabricate votes/comments will result in entire bounty program disqualification

Base Staking (article quality):
Poor quality, or under 500 words, broken English, copied: 0 stakes
Medium quality, at least 500 words: 15 stakes
High quality: 50 stakes
Professional publication: 100 stakes

Engagement multiplier: (anything fake will result in disqualification)
No engagement, fake engagement: x0 (no stakes awarded)
Some engagement (1-3 comments or 51+ claps or 5+ upvotes): x1
Good Engagement (4-8 comments): x2.5
Serious engagement (9+ comments, 90+ upvotes): x7

Example 1: You publish a medium quality article with a SteemIt account having a decent number of followers, and generate discussion resulting in 1 comment, or at least 5 upvotes. You'd get 15 stakes.
Example 2: You are a professional blogger for a cryptocurrency site, or a media personality, and cover the article with a professional publication generating serious discussion. You'd get 100*x7 = 700 stakes.
Example 3: You do either of the above but make fake comments with your alt accounts. You get 0 stakes.

Twitter Campaign


Submission Link:
Make a tweet mentioning the ICO on twitter. You can be positive, but it's fine if you also make fun of it in a negative light, just so long as it gains retweets or likes. The main thing we're after is engagement. 1 RT is considered equal to 5 likes.

Base Staking:
No engagement (no likes, no retweets, or ANY fake likes/retweet): 0 Stakes
Some Engagement (1+ RT/5 likes): 15 stakes
Good Engagement (3+ RT/15 likes): 40 stakes
Serious Engagement (10+ RT/50 likes): 150 stakes

Multiplier of above based upon your follower count (must be real, no fakes):
0-499 followers: x0 Multiplier (tweet invalid, no stakes awarded)
500-2500 followers: x1
2501-20,000: x3
20,001-50,000: x6
50k+: x10

Example 1: You make a tweet linked to the ICO ANN that gets 2 RT and 6 likes, thus putting it into the Good Engagement category. You also have 21,000 followers. You'd get 40 * 6 = 240 stakes.
Example 2: You make a tweet that gets 200 fake RT and likes. You'll get 0 stakes.

Signature Campaign


PM me to apply. State that you understand the rules below. Signature must already be active.

1) 10 posts per week min, half of which must be in Altcoin section forums. Prohibited: All "Other" section.
2) No negative red trust may ever be present
3) No pointless posts, make them interesting or relevant. No min char requirements but always make your posts good and relevant.
4) Removing signature before end of campaign will result in disqualification. Signatures must be kept for 48 hours after campaign ends.

Member, Copper Member & Full Member: 1 Stake/Week
Senior Member, Hero Member, Legendary: 2 Stake/Week

Signature is the same for everyone:


Check out this low-market cap Hedge Fund ICO. 10 ETH soft cap with room for serious growth. Ends 18th March.