Universe of Masters

Universe of Masters launches its first official bounty campaign for Pre-Sale to reward your supporters with UMA tokens.
3 % from all tokens collected on sale, will be allocated to bounty program.
(max 300,000) at Pre-sale. For the main ICO will be a separate bounty.
The bounty will last until the end of the token sale. The distribution of the tokens will be done within 30 days after the end of token sale.

Bounty campaign begins on the 18th of February and lasts until the 29th of March (last date of sale of tokens)
1. As a reward for your activity, you will receive UMA tokens.
2. Tokens will be sent to your ETH e-wallet
3. The start of the week is from Wednesday to Tuesday.
4. Bounty Manager can make small changes in the bounty compaign if it is necessary.
5. The use of multi-accounts, cheating, the use of second parties to make a work, spam, unethical behavior during the participating in campaign is prohibited and you will be disqualified immediately.
6.The reward system can be changed if it will be a large number of participants or big lack of in any campaign (migration of tokens to a more successful campaign).

The distribution of awards:
Bitcointalk.org signature campaign -75 000 UMA;
Twitter bounty-45 000 UMA;
Facebook bounty-45 000 UMA;
Telegram bounty-45 000 UMA;
Blogs and video bounty — 60 000 UMA;
Translation and modulation — 30 000 UMA.


Blog Article & Videos Campaign


Write a positive blog post/article about the Universe of Masters


Youtube Campaign

The reward on great original/unique video - 200 UMA
Average original / unique video - 100 UMA
Small original / unique video - 50 UMA

Bounty campaign in the media and blogs

The reward on most original/unique article, 20,000 characters and more -200 UMA
Medium size original/unique article, 10,000 - 20,000 characters-100 UMA

To participate you will need:

1. Fill out and send this form Form   (after your video or the post will be published).
2. Send a link to your article or video.


1. Blog or forum must be on proper subject (at the discretion of Universe of Masters).
2. Blogs/forums/videos may be not only in English.
3. The video should be about Universe of Masters and informative: pre-sale, aspects about whitepapers, technology and so on.
4. Video / articles with fake views will be disqualified.
5. Only original content will be accepted.
6. Spam is prohibited. Not thematic forums also will not be allowed for the participation. Deleted or closed by forum moderators posts 
will not be counted.

Facebook Campaign


Earn tokens as a reward for "liking" our page of Universe of Masters on Facebook, for sharing official ads. and making reposts of official news.


Join Facebook group – 2 UMA
1000-1999 friends – 4 UMA for the post
2000-2999 friends – 6 uma for the post
3000-3999 friends - 8 uma for the post
4000 friends – 10 UMA for the post

How to apply:

1. First, put a "like" and join our page on Facebook here: Facebook   
2. Create a post about the selling of UMA tokens on your page and include a link to the site of Universe of Masters or make a reposts from the official news published on our page on Facebook.
3. Fill out the form: Form  
4. Reports about your posts  leave in bounty thread here every week.

Check the spreadsheet: Spreadsheet 


1. You must have at least 1000 friends.
2. Your Facebook account should not be fake, inactive or bot-account. Will be approved only original accounts and posts on Facebook.
3. You must be an active and regular user of Facebook and must share and put "likes" on official posts and updates.
4. Account should be open in general profile, and all posts, which you share should be public.
5. Multiple accounts are not allowed. Users who have multiple accounts will be disqualified and blacklisted for any future campaigns.
6. Terms and conditions can change if necessary.
7. Spam posts are prohibited.

Telegram & Instagram


Subscription to the Telegram – 4 UMA
Subscribe to Instagram - 4 UMA


- - To participate in the bounty it is necessary to join a group Telegram  and Instagram

- - To participate in bounty sign up in Universe of Masters. The questions relating the bounty campaign please ask directly to the admin of Universe
Masters, not in an open discussion.


Only one account per user.
1. Starting from the 29th of March, all the inactive bounty-participants or those who do not joined the group, will not be rewarded.

REGISTRATION: here Registration  
The form of report: Not necessary admin checks your membership and activity

Signature and avatar campaign


The distribution of tokens is done according to the rank of participants on Bitcointalk

Jr. Member: 10 tokens/week
Member: 20 tokens/week
Full Member: 30 tokens/week
Sr Member: 40 tokens/week
Hero / Legendary: 50 tokens/week

To participate you need:

1. Add a signature and personal text.



1. Signature, personal text must be used before the tokens are counted. This will be after the end of token sale. (during several weeks after the end of the pre-ICO/ICO)
2. During the campaign you have to write a minimum of 20 constructive posts. Offtopic, spam and unkonstruktive posts will not be counted.
3. Each post must contain a minimum of 100 characters.
4. Registration is open to users who have a rank not lower than Jr. Member on this forum.

REGISTRATION: here Registration 
TABLE OF ACCEPTED WORKS: Table of accepted works 

Translation & Moderation


This bounty consists of:

ANN + 400 uma for thread
Bounty + 400 uma for thread
White paper 1000 UMA
Translation of website UMA 800

To participate you need:

Please note that we will not accept translators with a desire to translate into the language with small audience (Swahili, Kazakh, Mongolian, etc.).
Other languages: Check the form if the language is not shown in the section, select "More"
Always write to email translate@univermasters.com before you start working in order to avoid what someone else has already taken the job.

1 Fill out the form: Form 
2 Table of accepted works can be found here: Table of accepted works 


1. It is necessary to moderate the local thread. Add important news and ads. The inactive thread will be rejected.
2. Automatic (Google or similar) translation will be rejected.
3. Non-constructive or repetitive posts will not be counted in the distribution of tokens.
4. Only high-quality posts will be counted.

Twitter Campaign


Tokens will be distributed depending on the number of real Twitter followers. The number of real followers will be checked through TwitterAudit.
Subscribe to Twitter account - 2 UMA

300-1499 followers – 2 UMA for the tweet
1500-2999 followers - 4 uma for the tweet
3000-4999 followers – 6 UMA for the tweet
5000-6999 followers – 8 UMA for the tweet
7000-9999 followers – 10 UMA for the tweet
more than 10,000 followers - 12 uma for the tweet

The minimum you need to do 3 retweets per week.
The maximum you can do 1 retweet per day, but not more than 5 retweets per week.

To participate you  need:

1. Subscribe to the Twitter Universe of masters. Twitter 
2. Fill out and submit this form.  Registration 
3. You can check the accepted works here. Table of accepted works.  Table of accepted works.


1. According to Twitter audit you should have at least 85% real users. And only real users will be accounted during distribution.
2. Twitter followers cannot be updated after the registration in campaign.
3. All report must be post in this thread. You need to make 1 post for the Week reports  (without quoting the report from previous week).