DomusCoins allows everyone to take a profit from the cryptocurrency appreciation together with real estate income. DomusCoins (DOC) price will be 1 USD at the ICO,  and the a minimum purchase is set at 250 USD if purchases are made by ordinary  bank  transfers.  For  those  who  will  buy  through  other  cryptocurrencies  the  minimum purchase is set to 5 USD (5 DOCs).  

The Bounty will run till the ico end.

ICO start on March 1st, don't lose this opportunity!
Quick facts:

Coin name: DomusCoins
Coin abbreviation: DOC (DOCs for plural)
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 DOCs
ICO: 10,000,000 (DOCs)
ICO start date: 1st march 2018
ICO end date: 31st march 2018
ICO price: 1 USD = 1 DOC
Based on Ethereum
EtherScan verified smart contract!


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  • Feedback



We want your feedback. Mention and link one of DomusCoins’s channels in any social media post and earn: 25 DOCs. To qualify, each post must:

· Contain at least three sentences

· Contain a link to one of DomusCoins’s channels (website, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Bitcointalk)

· Be your personal opinion or feedback on DomusCoins

· Be unique content in each media, not copied and pasted

· Be spaced a week apart from other Feedback posts you make

.Must join DomusCoins Official Telegram Group:

To earn Feedback rewards, fill out this form:
Spreadsheeet link:

Telegram Campaign


Follow DomusCoins Official Telegram Group:


5DOC tokens for joining and staying active until the ICO ends.
1. No spam or aggressive messages allowed
2. Discussion about the bounty campaign in the Telegram group is strictly prohibited.
3. You need to follow the group until the end of the ICO to get the bounty.
4. Answer / comment in a kind manner
Fill in the form to apply:
Spreadsheeet link:

Rules for all campaigns:

· List of participants will be updated once per week
· After the ICO is finished and before tokens are distributed, the list of participants will be checked again to ensure that everything is accurate
· The max amount which one participant can earn during the ICO campaign is 3,000 DOCs

The first three users who qualify to receive more than 3000docs, they will also get 500$/each. If there are more than 3 users that qualify, each user will get 1500$/number of users that qualify.

Translation Campaign


· Whitepaper: 200 DOCs

·Update of changes: 10 DOCs every 900 English characters

· Announcement: 50 DOCs

· Announcement management:

. Translation: 50 DOCs

. 10 DOCs for each reply to users (maximum 1000 DOCs)

· Advertising translations: 5 DOCs each (it includes small banners and social posts)

· Video translation: 10 DOCs every 900 English characters

· Bounty translation: 50 DOCs
Fill the form: 
Spreadsheet link:

Become a Friend


If you prefer to spread your eggs across multiple baskets, our ‘Become a Friend’ campaign is for you. Complete all of the following steps and earn: 20 DOCs.

· Like us on Facebook
· Follow us on Twitter
· Join our Telegram Channel:
· Watch us and comment on Bitcointalk

Please note, all steps must be completed before tokens are released. To Become a Friend of DomusCoins, fill out this form:
Spreadsheet Link:

Articles campaign


Write and publish an article on Medium, WordPress, or any other public blogging platform and earn: 30 DOCs. Your blog must have a minimum of 300 followers OR share the article on a Facebook page with a minimum of 1,000 followers. The article must:

· Be unique content, not copied and pasted from elsewhere

· Be at least 1,500 characters

· Contain a link to our ICO website (

Please note, we welcome articles in any language! 
Fill out this form:
Spreadsheeet link:

Signature Campaign


We are looking for active Bitcointalk users. All participants need to make at least 10 posts to be eligible for the reward.


· Distribution of DOC will be according to user level:

· Junior Members 10 DOC tokens/week

· Members: 15 DOC tokens/week

· Full Members: 20 DOC tokens/week

· Senior Members: 30 DOC tokens/week

· Legendary/Hero: 35 DOC tokens/week

· You must wear Avatar and personal text


1. Participants must be at least a junior member (newbies are not allowed) to participate.

2. A minimum of 10 meaningful posts must be made each week.

3. Each post must be at least 75 Characters.

4. The participants can post in any Bitcointalk thread with the exception of bounty threads & off topic section

5. Posts in alternate cryptocurrencies section are required.

6. Participants cannot have any negative trust score attached to their profile.

7. The posts should be spread for the full week not for just 1-2 days. Otherwise your rewards will be 0 for the week

8. Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found spamming will be immediately and permanently disqualified.

9. Must join DomusCoins Official Telegram Group:

Fill out this form to join our campaign:
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Reddit Campaign


· Post under /r/CryptoCurrency/: 5 DOCs
· Post a comment and link DomusCoins website: 5 DOCs
.Must join DomusCoins Official Telegram Group:
.You have to minimun 10 karma for apply

Fill the form to join here:
Spreadsheet link:

Facebook Campaign


·· Follow the DomusCoins Facebook page and earn: 2 DOCs

· · Share one of our Facebook posts to your timeline and earn: 3 DOCs per Share if you have 100- 500 friends; 5 DOCs per Share if you have 501-1500 followers; 10 DOCs per Share if you have 1500+ followers

.Facebook Link:

.Must join DomusCoins Official Telegram Group:

.You have to report your link in this thread

.You have to make two constructive Post and 3 like , share  per week using hastag #DomusCoins #ICO

Please note, Shares will only earn DOC tokens if the shared post is less than a week old. 

post in this format
Week #

FacebookURL : 
Spreadsheet :  

Fill out this form:
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Twitter Campaign


· Follow the DomusCoins twitter account and get 2 DOCs
· Retweet and earn: 3 DOCs per RT if you 100-300 followers; 5 DOCs per RT if you have 301-999 followers; 10 DOCs per RT if you have 1000+ followers

· Twitter Link:
.Must join DomusCoins Official Telegram Group:
.You have to report your link in this thread
.You have to make two constructive Tweet and 3 retweet per week using hastag #DomusCoins #ICO

post in this format
Week #

TwitterURL : 
Spreadsheet :  

Please note, RTs will only earn DOC tokens if the original Tweet is less than a week old. 
Fill out this Form:
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