Streamity services include news and analysis, investment, and educational resources, each existing as an independent business environment. We are creating an attractive and powerful portal in the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technique, which will integrate news, ideas, high-quality analysis in the personal account, unique training courses by experts in various fields, algorithms and ready-made solutions for trading, a number of forums with token remuneration, user-friendly interface, and timely data submission. All of this will involve blockchain technique and artificial intelligence.



Streamity starts its official Bounty campaign to reward its supporters with STM tokens. 

3% of all sold tokens will be assigned for the Bounty campaign. 

The program will consist of two stages.

1st stage from December 04, 2017 till January 28, 2018

2nd stage from January 29, 2018 till April 29, 2018.

The rewards will be paid to the Bounty campaign participants within 7 days after completion of each stage.

Bounty distribution:
Signature campaign                                                    20%
Facebook                                                                   12%
Twitter                                                                      12%
Telegram                                                                     1%
Translation and moderation                                         15%
Content Creation (Blogging, Youtube, Forums)              40%

Twitter Campaign


Fill in this form to apply for participation in the Twitter campaign Streamity Twitter Bounty Form
Table of participants of the Twitter bounty

Participation rules
1. Have at least 200 followers and make privacy settings open for your account. 
2. Subscribe for the official Streamity Twitter account
3) Click the “Like” button and retweet Streamity posts

Assessment of the Twitter- audit shall be at least 85% and only real followers of the last audit will be taken into account.

200-1000 subscribers:    3 stakes per a retweet
1001-3000 subscribers:   5 stakes per a retweet
3001-5000 subscribers:  7 stakes per a retweet
5001-10000 subscribers: 10 stakes per a retweet
10001+ subscribers:  12 stakes per a retweet

Maximum number: 2 retweets a day and 6 retweets a week

You should publish reports on Twitter once a week on Monday.
Report form:
Campaign name Twitter
Date of registration
Week number
Eth address
List of reposts and retweets

Telegram campaign


Streamity Telegram Bounty Form
Table of participants of the Telegram campaign

Reward 2 stakes per week for each participant

Participation rules:
1) Join the Streamity group in Telegram
2) Send a hello message in the Telegram group and then include it in the registration form.
3) You shall have an account on bitcointalk with the rank of at least Jr. Member
4) Write not less than 10 messages in the Telegram group during the campaign period. Not on one and the same day. No spam.

1. Translation of ANN thread+ Bounty 
3. Translation of WP and other documents into the following languages: French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Indonesian, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew
4. Translation of the web-site into the following languages: French, Germany, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

ANN + Bounty threads: 50 stakes + 0,5  stakes for your comment.
Whitepaper (+ update support): 150 stakes.
Web-site: 100 stakes. 

 Send an e-mail to which shall contain the following information: 
- Native language 
- Bounty part for which you apply (ANN+Bounty / WP / Website) 
- Translation/ moderation experience (if any) 
- Your name on Bitcointalk 
- Ethereum ERC-20 wallet address
2. After you have finished the text translation work send the finished result or link to your ANN+Bounty thread to the e-mail

1. Participants shall support the local thread by publishing and translating regular updates, news or any important updates. One conversation thread will be rejection. 
2. Automatic (Google or similar) translations will be rejected. 
3. Spam and meaningless messages on the threads are not allowed.

Content Creation Bounty Form


Content Creation Bounty Form

Writing a note in your personal blog, Steemit or
The number of given stakes depends on the article size and number of subscribers.
Reward amount
Over 200 words: 10 stakes
Up to 500 words: 20 stakes
Over 500 words: 30 stakes
Creation of review articles on the Streamity project shall be discussed individually

Up to 500 views: +5 stakes
Up to 3,000 views: +10 stakes
Over 3,000 views: to be decided individually

Creation of a video and publication on Youtube. Duration: minimum 3 minutes.
For a video you obtain 200 stakes. Further the stakes shall be calculated for the number of views.
Up to 500 views: +20 stakes
Up to 3,000 views: +50 stakes
Over 3,000 views: 100 stakes
Additional bonuses are calculated for quality of the video and given individually. High-quality video of may obtain up to 500 stakes.

The article and video shall be a product of individual creativity of a campaign participant without 100% copying (partial citation as well as use of logos, pictures, informational graphs are allowed)
Low-quality articles and videos will not be accepted
The article or video shall contain a link to the website:  and a link to the Whitepaper.

Most of the content is going to be created by the community for the community and then selected by the Streamity team fast and qualitatively. Information is going to be publicly available and free of charge. The content will be translated in different languages and it will be available for the community across the globe. 
During the bounty campaign content will be created in the English and Russian languages! If you participate in the creation of content you will be generously rewarded! 

So let's start! 
During this phase you can post articles in the English and Russian languages in the "Market" and "Knowledge base" sections! In the "Market" section we are going to have the database on the current cryptocoins. We need articles with pictures and schemes that overview cryptocoins. Also we need articles for the "Knowledge base" section as they play important educational role for the community. Also you can translate the content which has been already posted on the website. You gain more rewards if you post original content! If the content is not original add a link to the source. Also, please do not forget to write you name and surname if you post an article. Send your articles in the GoogleDoc format to 
Write in the letter the name of crypto currency you are going to write about and/or write the theme of the review in the “Knowledge base” section.
1. unoriginal article : +30 stakes
2. original article : + 120 stakes

Signature Campaign


Signature, Avatar and personal text campaign.

Participate in the Streamity signature campaign on  bitcointalk and obtain rewards depending on your rank!

Link to registration form in the SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN
Table of participants of the Signature campaign 

Attention! Participants of the signature campaign shall have the Streamity project signature and icon during the whole period of participation in the campaign. The signature and icon shall not be deleted till the ICO completion and till official confirmation of the Streamity team upon its completion.
In case of a change/ removal of the signature or icon you will be automatically excluded from the SIGNATURE campaign.


The reward amount depending on the rank of your account:
Jr. Participant: 3 stakes/ day
Participant: 5 stakes/ day
Full Participant: 7 stakes/ day
Sr. Participant: 9 stakes/ day
Hero/Legendary: 10 stakes/ day

Signature campaign rules:
The stake will be calculated upon registration and participation confirmation.
You shall write at least 7 messages per week in any sections excluding off-top, you shall be an active user and shall not write all the messages on one and the same day.
The message shall contain at least 60 characters.
For the use of multiple accounts, obtaining a red trust, fraud or suspicious acts compromising Streamity users may be excluded from the campaign up to depriving them of their stakes.


Personal Text: "Streamity Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange"


Facebook Campaign


Fill in this form to apply for participation in the Facebook campaign FACEBOOK FORM
Table of participants of the Facebook bounty

Rules for participation in Streamity Facebook Bounty:

Follow the official web-site of Streamity Facebook 
Click the “Like” button and make a repost of all Streamity Facebook posts
Have at least 200 subscribers and make privacy settings open for your account.

The reward will be calculated depending on the number of friends/ followers
200-500 Followers /Friends:       5 stakes per week. 
500-1500 Followers /Friends:     8 stakes per week. 
1500-3000 Followers /Friends:   12 stakes per week. 
3000-5000 Followers /Friends:   16 stakes per week. 
5000+ Followers /Friends:           20 stakes per week.

Accounts with fake followers/ friends will be disqualified.
Followers/ friends may not be updated after registration in the campaign.

You should publish reports on Facebook once a week on Monday.
Report form:
Campaign name Facebook
Date of registration
Week number
Eth address
List of reposts and retweets