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Engage with us, Make your voice heard and earn $OUND tokens! Inmusik will be distributing 1,000,000 $OUND (a value of $100,000 USD) at the end of the token sale.
The bounty campaign will run for 6 weeks starting from 16/07/2018.


Master Sheet is available Here

Signature Campaign


Add our signature to your BitcoinTalk profile and take part in the Inmusik Signature campaign and earn rewards. 
■ You need to be an active member and post minimum 12 posts/week on BitcoinTalk forum.
■ Signatures must be visible and on your profile until the end of an ICO.
■ Only one account per person is allowed.
■ Any fraudulent accounts will be banned.
■ Anyone manipulating the system will be forfeited of all bounties.
■ Neg trust accounts will not be accepted.
■ Only 4 posts per day will be counted.
■ Posts in Off-topic, Beginners & Help, Politics & Society, Local and Gambling section, posts in this thread and any other signature campaign, bounty or giveaway thread will not be counted.
■ Spam and Trolling is strictly not allowed.
■ Posts with less than 50 characters will not be counted.
Apply Here



Member - 35 stakes per week
Full Member - 60 stakes per week
Sr. Member - 100 stakes per week
Hero / Legendary - 166 stakes per week

Video Campaign


■ Your youtube channel must have more than 500 subscribers
■ A mention of Inmusik (at least 1-2 minutes) in the videos made for topics like cryptocurrency, blockchain, music etc. is allowed
■ Video must be at least 1 minute long.
■ We rate video on the quality of content.
■ Share the video on your social channels and tag us to the post.
■ Filming or animation is allowed.
Submit your Video Here


OK - 200 stakes
Good - 500 stakes
Very Good - 1,500 stakes
Excellent - 3,000 stakes

Blog, Articles Campaign


■ Minimum 650 characters.
■ Blogs can be published anywhere on the internet that are accessible to the public, (Wordpress, Medium, Token sites, Reddit..). They can be written in any language.
■ We rate the blogs and articles on the quality of content and Alexa Traffic Rank of the site of publishing.
■ Must include links redirecting the users to related articles about Inmusik, Inmusik website, or our telegram channel
■ Content has to be original, unique and will be checked for plagiarism
■ One mention of Inmusik
Submit your Article/Blog Here


OK - 150 stakes
Good - 400 stakes
Very Good - 1,000 stakes
Excellent - 2,000 stakes