TO SEE YOUR STAKES VISIT THIS SHEET(Each Bounty is in a tab at the bottom)

The Bounty program starts on July 21, 2018 and will run until the end of the token sale on Oct 15, 2018.  Tokens will be distributed within 2 weeks of the completion of the token sale.

2% of the total amount of ORB Tokens, or 3,200,000 ORB will be available for the bounty campaign.

You will receive ORB tokens for performing bounty program activities. ORB shares will be distributed throughout the Bounty Program assuming the task has been deemed complete by the AREVALOR team.
For support and questions on the bounty campaign please contact us at
The translation campaign is the only bounty campaign that requires permission from AREVALOR.
Please email and put "Translation" in the subject line to receive approval to proceed.
AREVALOR reserves the right to alter the rules of the program to best serve the development and sustainability of the AREVALOR Platform.
We do not tolerate swearing, racism, or other bad behavior and participants found to be engaging in bad behavior will be disqualified.
All content must be handled in a professional manner.
Rewards will be confirmed every two weeks.