We invite everyone to participate in our Bounty Campaign and become the active supporter of our project on BitcoinTalk forum and Reddit and promote our project.

We reserve $40,000 worth of Utrum coin OOT for our bounty campaigns and hope you will enjoy your participation.
Important links:

Telegram:    http://bit.ly/2LnH9PR 
Telegram Russia: https://t.me/utrumrussia



Utrum ICO is completed successfully on 4th July and Trading is LIVE on exchanges


General Campaign Rules

Please read all rules before participating in ANY Campaign Listed

1. To participate in any Utrum Campaign you MUST join Utrum official Telegram AND Discord.  If you are not a member yet, please join at the following links::

2. Minimum of 10 constructive posts  per week.
3. No more than 2 posts per day maximum, will be counted.
4. No posts will be counted in any of the following categories or related threads: Auction, Lending, Politics & Society, Games & Rounds, Off-topics, Giveaways/Airdrop, official Utrum threads/forums, or any bounty-related threads including this one.
5. Only 3 posts on local boards per week will be counted (this rule is not applicable for users who participate in Russian language campaign).

- Участники из русского локального форума имеют право писать 10 постов на русском языке.

- Participants from the Russian local forum have the right to write 10 posts in Russian.

6. Only posts with a minimum of 280 characters will be counted.
7. Participants who do not complete the minimum weekly required number of qualified posts for 2 weeks in a row will be disqualified.
8. You must keep the signature during the entire duration of your participation to qualify.
9. If your rank is promoted during the campaign, you will be upgraded to the respective rank. You MUST INFORM US via PM on Telegram of this change in order for us to upgrade your rank. New rank upgrades will be applied the following week.
10. All posts will be counted starting each Monday 00:00:01 forum time.
11. Posts will be verified weekly until Monday 23:59 forum time.
12. Payments will be issued after the end of this campaign.
13. Payment currency – $OOT. Market Price is calculated on 15th October, whatever the price of OOT on that day.
14. Using multiple accounts, bots, cheating, spamming or breaking any forum rules will immediately disqualify you from the campaign.
15. Participants with red trust are not allowed.
16. Participants who receive red trust or get banned during the campaign will be disqualified.
17. Advertising any other campaigns in your signature is not allowed.
18.  Quality of each post will be precisely validated to ensure high-quality essential posting.  Any user who posts copy/paste content, lacks quality content (e.g. “Great project” “good project” “project will go far” “the dev team is successful!”), etc will be disqualified and banned for both BitcoinTalk and Reddit campaigns
Participants who do not adhere to the above-mentioned rules during the campaign will be disqualified with no pay.  

We reserve the right to make any changes in payment and terms of conditions of this campaign.  You will be notified via Email of any changes. 

Current Utrum Campaigns

> Limit to one campaign & language of a campaign at a time. 
> You MUST register for the campaign using a valid email.
> You MUST join BOTH our Telegram and Discord.

Important Notes

This campaign is run by Utrum Team and not by Bounty managers. For contest-related questions please join and ask in our Telegram group @utrum_contestshttp://bit.ly/2uUSPj9

Join the official Utrum Discord #OOT-Contests channel at: Utrum Discord: http://bit.ly/2uRf60W

Payments are finalized via email (See Rule #1) and made in our official cryptocurrency $OOT.  You must have a valid OOT address to receive payment. You can setup your OOT address and wallet by following the steps here: How To Setup Your OOT Wallet & Address

Payments are made on 15th October 2018. Payment currency is Utrum coin OOT, based on the market price on 15th october.

For any questions, contact us via Utrum Contest group on Telegram:


Utrum Reddit Post/Vote Campaign



Reddit-specific Campaign Rules:

1. General Rules from above apply
2. Reddit account must be older than 1 month
3. Any posts or upvotes should be made within predetermined subreddits and NOT Utrum’s subreddit. (See List of Allowed/Counted Subreddits Below)
4. All posts MUST be relevant and not spammy. Any posts found to be spam or not relevant to the subreddit in which they are posted, will not be counted and the participant responsible may be removed from this campaign at our discretion.

Campaign ID: RDDT
Forum: Reddit (DO NOT post or comment on r/utrumdotio)
Language: English (Russian translations accepted)

To be able to participate in a Bounty for upvoting on our posts you MUST join our Discord #OOT-contests channel: http://bit.ly/2uRf60W
There are 2 ways to participate in the Reddit Campaign: Posts and Upvotes

1: Reddit Post Bounty

2: Reddit Upvote Bounty

Join Utrum Discord channel to get links of Utrum Posts to upvote.

Required to Participate in Upvotes Bounty: Enable public upvotes

Here’s How:

1. Login to your Reddit account
2. Go to: https://ssl.reddit.com/prefs/
3. Near the bottom, in the Privacy section, check the box next to “make my votes public”
4. While making a submission, share your unique upvotes URL in the format of “https://www.reddit.com/user/YOURUSERNAME/upvoted”

Bounty Structure for Reddit Upvotes:

1 upvote = $1

Note - Comments do not earn any stakes

List of Subreddits allowed and counted:


Content Submission Formhttp://bit.ly/2LCCXen

Participation Confirmation

For any of the above campaigns you wish to join, please confirm your participation by posting on this thread in the following format:

Telegram Username:
Campaign ID:
Current forum rank/Reddit Karma:
Forum/Reddit profile link:  

Campaign Status spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/2OdRImm


Bounty Structure for Reddit Posts:
5 upvotes:       $5
10 upvotes:     $10
20 upvotes:     $20
50 upvotes:     $50
100 upvotes:  $100
200 upvotes:  $200
300 upvotes:  $300

Signature Campaign


Pool: $20,000 worth of ООТ will be allocated for Signature and Avatar.

REQUIRED REGISTRATION: https://goo.gl/forms/QRiU1DkgWlzasH2A2

Campaign ID: BTCT
Forum: BitcoinTalk (Discluding Utrum Threads)
Language: English (Translations accepted: Russian)
Max Users per Rank: 25

All payments are one-time on 15th October

Track your participation on this *SPREADSHEET*

Content Submission Formhttp://bit.ly/2JW3G0D

Avatar - https://i.imgur.com/pxglk75.png

For campaign you wish to join, please confirm your participation by posting on this thread in the following format:

Telegram Username:
Campaign ID: (ENG/RUS)
Current forum rank:
Forum profile link:  



1.     Hero / Legendary Member:       $40 /week
2.     Sr. Member:                            $30 /week
3.     Full Member:                           $20 /week
4.     Member:                                 $15 /week
5.     For wearing avatar:                  $2.5 /week