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Giant applies blockchain and smart contract technologies for self-regulation of digital assets used for “smart betting” in a decentralized network. 

The first project implemented on Giant technology is the decentralized exchange of binary options Giant.Exchange.

Giant blockchain has its own digital active token Giant coin (GIC), which is the universal and the only source of payment in the network.

Terms of award payment

Not later than Wednesday following the round of the week.

Bounty support

Only in the Discord server in #Twitter-bounty-chat.

Support person


Twitter Bounty Table

Stax fix — assigned to each participant the number of stacks per task.
Status 1/0 — shows the bounty manager.
1 — the task is completed
0 — job is not performed
A stack to reward — the number of stacks that participant confirmed with the completed task and which is taken into account for payment.
Reward — the amount to be paid.
Pay status — the status of payment.
The table consists of 5 sheets for 5 rounds.
Each sheet is created for the each round.

Beginning of the next round

The beginning of each next round is followed by an announcement in #Twitter-bounty

Registration for the new round

All participants who complete tasks automatically fall into the next round.
All participants who do not perform tasks more than two rounds are excluded from the participants' table.
Any participant can enter into any of the 5 rounds in accordance with the requirements for the participant and registration for participation.
The excluded participant can also register for the new round

Motivation to participate in all rounds

Completion of the task in 2 rounds in a row - + 10% to the stack for the 2nd round.
Completion of the task in 3 rounds in a row - + 20% to the stack for the 3rd round.
Execution of the task in 4 rounds - + 30% to the stack for the 4th round

Your assignment has not been completed if

The shared tweet was deleted at the time the report was checked.
Your account has been suspended while the report is being verified.
You did not provide a report in time.
The provided answer does not confirm that you:
Shared all the tweets with hashtag #gic for the reporting round.
Made 2 personal tweets about the Giant project.
Retweet without hashtag #gic does not count.

Twitter Campaign


Dates: 30.07.2018-07.10.2018

Promotional Channel: —

Overall budget for 5 rounds: 3000 GIC

1 round (30.07.2018 — 12.08.2018) — 300 GIC
2 round (13.08.2018 — 26.08.2018) — 450 GIC
3 round (27.08.2018 — 09.09.2018) — 600 GIC
4 round (10.09.2018 — 23.09.2018) — 750 GIC
5 round (24.09.2018 — 07.10.2018) — 900 GIC

Minimum number of participants to start the round — 200

Maximum number of participants to start the round — Unlimited

Requirements for participants

1) Channel subscription.

2) 1000+ followers.

3) Not less than 90% of real followers.

4) Channel theme: cryptocurrency, blockchain.

5) Active Giant wallet

6) Active Discord account.

Registration for participants

1) Registration with Google Form, which shows: email, Discord nickname, Twitter account, address of a Giant wallet

2) After registration, participants enter the bounty manager's list to assess the requirements for the participant.

3) Participants who meet the requirements fall into the Twitter bounty table:

Round start confirmation

1) Announcement in #Twitter-bounty in Discord server.

2) Your appearance in the table of Twitter bounty does not mean the beginning of the bounty without an official announcement

Tasks for participants

1) Like and share every tweet on Twitter page
Shared tweet should contain #gic (not more than 10 tweets per 1 round).

2) The share period is 24 hours after the appearance of the tweet on the Channel.

3) The presence of a shared tweet in the channel is not less than 1 month from the moment of sharing.
2 tweets written by a participant with #giant #gic hashtags. (1 tweet per week).


Report requirements

1) All screenshots of shared tweets and personal tweets on the channel of the participant.

2) The screenshot should clearly show the date of share and tweet.

3) Archive of screenshots in rar, zip format.



1) Not later than the second Sunday of the round.

2) The reports are sent in accordance with the requirements of the report to the e-mail address:

2) Reports submitted later than the second Sunday will be checked only in terms of checking the reports of the next round.

The cost of one stack in GIC is calculated by the formula:

A = B / C, where
A is the budget of the round
B - number of participants
C - number of stacks of all participants

The cost of one stack is calculated at the beginning of the round to determine the average value and at the end of the round on the fact of the performed tasks for the payment.



1) Paid in the Giant Coin (GIC).

2) Price 1 GIC ~ 1 - 1,5 $

2) GIC is traded on 2 exchanges:

Reward calculation

The participant receives a certain number of stacks for each task performed depending on the number of users of his channel.

500-1000 followers - 5 stakes
1000-2500 followers - 10 stacks.
2500-5000 followers - 20 stacks.
5000+ followers - 30 stacks.

The number of followers is counted only at the moment of registration of the participant for the round.