Elements Estates will be creating a Blockchain-based platform with underlying unique portfolio of real estate deriving from banks’ distressed assets. Our platform will offer the ability to utilize ELES tokens through purchase, rent and other services, all primarily related to newly developed and modern properties in platform ownership and solely payable with ELES tokens.

We are giving you the opportunity to get involved in something that will enable growth of token value from unlocking the hidden value of the distressed assets deriving from non-performing bank portfolios, usually reserved for major players.


Elements Estates is starting their Official Bounty Program in order to reward Bitcointalk Supporters. The campaign is scheduled to end September 20th 2018.ELES tokens will be rewarded to participating hunters.

Attention: Submitting multiple submission material of the same content/information across multiple ElementsEstates bounties is not allowed, this violates the rules of participation.

909,094 ELES tokens ($500,000.00) have been allocated to this campaign and are up for grabs to quality hunters.

To participate in our bounty program, please register with Bounty0x as a Hunter and complete the bounties with the provided links below.