Note: please don’t ask about bounty in bounty group only:
Link: https://t.me/Leaxcoin_bounty

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 All campaign participants are required to join:

1.  Leaxcoin bounty group: https://t.me/Leaxcoin_bounty
2.  AZB bounty channel: https://t.me/AZB_Bounties 

Please use this form for objections and we will solve your problem ASAP 

This bounty campaign will last for 9  WEEKS. The total of Bounty bonus to be paid to the participants is 300,000,000 tokens

Week 1 - 18 AUG to  24 AUG
Week 2 - 25 AUG to 31 AUG
Week 3 - 1 SEP to 7 SEP
Week 4 - 8 SEP to 14 SEP
Week 5 - 15 SEP to 21 SEP
Week 6 - 22 SEP to 28 SEP
Week 7 - 29 SEP to 5 OCT
Week 8 - 6 OCT to 12 OCT
Week 9 - 13 OCT to 19 OCT

Bounty Allocation

300.000.000 is allocated for bounty campaign

█ Ambassadors campaign 25%
█ Translation - 15%
█ Forum- 20%
█ Content Creation (Forum, Medium, Steemit) - 20%
█ Twitter campaign- 15%
█ Telegram- 5%
General Rules
  • The Bounty manager and the Team reserve the right to make changes to the conditions at any time
  • It is necessary to join our Telegram main Channel https://t.me/FoundationLeax and bounty chat: https://t.me/Leaxcoin_bounty
  • Any offensive or inappropriate behavior will lead to an immediate disqualification from the campaign
  • A mandatory rule when submitting reports is the requirement to write new reports every week. You do not need to edit your old message. Stakes will not be accrued
  • Using multi-accounts, cheating and spamming are not allowed. It will results getting all of your accounts permanently banned
  • If you have any questions please ask us directly in the thread or bounty group
  • If you join in 2 days before week ends you will be in the next week
  • Make new post with your report, NOT EDIT OLD



Content Creation Campaign


For article
█ Create a unique article of at least 500 words explaining how leax.io would help your city. 
█ Post in it our own forum,medium, steemit, reddit, or any blogging sites.
█ Maximum of 3 articles per person
█ Do not forget your bitcointalk profile link at the end of each article and our social media links
For video
█ Create a unique video of at least 1 minute explaining how leax.io would help your city.
█ The better the quality and the content in your video is, the more stakes you will get.
█ Do not forget to include your bitcointalk profile link as well our our social media links in your video.

...APPLY... █ ...STATUS...


  • Poor quality- 0 stakes
  • Low quality-  1 stake
  • Fair quality-  3  stakes
  • High quality- 5  stakes

Telegram Campaign


█ Join our official Telegram Channel 
█ join our bounty Channel
█ join AZB bounties Channel
█ Joining our telegram channel will give you 1 stake and additional stake for joining our slack

...APPLY... █ ...STATUS...

Translation Campaign


█ Languanges with local boards are accepted
█ You’ve to translate the whitepaper, BTT thread, Website and Web Wallet in selected language.
█ Using Google Translator will get you disqualified
█ Apply only if you are able to provide a high quality translation
█ After filling-up the form, reply in the thread your previous portfolio 
█ We will send you a dm if you're accepted
█ You can check our files in our github

...APPLY... █ ...STATUS...


  • Whitepaper — 5000 tokens
  • Wallet — 2500 tokens
  • ANN Thread — 1500 tokens
  • Website — 1000 tokens

Twitter Campaign


█ You should have at least 300 followers on your twitter account
█ Follow official Twitter account 
█ Your Twitter audit score must be equal to at least 90%.
█ You have to retweet and like at least 5 posts in Our official twitter account with hash tag #leaxcoin #ICO
█ Make at least 5 constructive tweets about LeaxCoin with hash tag #leaxcoin #ICO
█ Maximum tweets/retweet per week is 20

Report with this format:


Bitcointalk username:
Number in spreadsheet: 
Your Twitter account Link:

Links to the rts&likes:
1- (mm/dd):
2- (mm/dd):


...APPLY... █ ...STATUS...


Stakes= 0.001*Number of valid posts*followers



█ Sign up to our Forum
█ Create at least one post every day 
█ Post should be constructive with a minimum of 90 characters. 

...APPLY... █ ...STATUS...


1 stake per post 

Ambassador Campaign


As we known, every country has a local regulation, and that is why the ambassadors are so important. They will be responsible for assisting the local community in possible workshops, support and integration. There will be one ambassador per country, state and city in charge of these activities, where they will be financially rewarded for their service.
█ You must be 18 year old or above
█ You need to have social skills 
█ Provide real information about yourself

Apply from here