Creedexchange is a decentralized token market that lets you buy and sell Ether and Ethereum-based tokens directly with other users.Creedexchange currently interfaces with EtherDelta's original smart contract and Forkdelta's backend upgrades which allows Creedexchange users to trade utilizing EtherDelta's volume and Forkdelta's security and api upgrades. Creedexchange is a fork of Forkdelta and currently acts as an open source, updated interface for EtherDelta's smart contract with an active and public development team and community support.


- All the participants must join the officialTelegram Group.
- We deserve the right to eliminate you if we think you haven't been honest with your work.
- We deserve the right to change bounty campaign rules.
- Checking every Saturday  4:00 UCT time
- The payment for this campaign will be on a weekly basis we're going to check each participants manually so please be Patient. 

Check your spreadsheet

spreadsheets:Twitters preadsheets
spreadsheets:Video spreadsheets
spreadsheets :Blogs & Articles spreadsheets

Twitter Campaign


1. Must follow the Official Twitter Account of @creedexchange. Here.
2. Bitcointalk account level must be Jr. Member or higher.
3. Twitter account must have real followers, updated regularly, and free of bots.
4. User must engage actively on Twitter and must have at least 100+ real followers.
5. Only one account per person. Any findings of multiple accounts will result in a ban.
6. User must have at least 75% Audit Score on twitteraudit
7. Must share or tweet at least 7 posts per week of @creedexchange on Twitter:

Please be noted:
1. Account with dead or bot followers will be banned from the campaign.
2. Incomplete posts will not be counted (Example 6 post only)

How to Participate:Twitter Campaign Form 


Please reply your Tweet/Re-Tweet links under the Bounty Thread as follows for the team to verify and check:


[b]Twitter URL[/b]
[b]# in spreadsheet:[/b] 

Week: ex. Week 1(August 19 - August 26),
Tweets or Retweets Link


200++ Followers: 15 stake/week
1000++ Followers: 30 stakes/week

Video Campaign


1. The duration of the video must be at least 1 minute and 30 seconds
2. YouTube channel audience - at least 100 subscriber. A maximum of 1 video per participants.

*view count at the time of claiming the bounty prize. 

NOTE: We do have the right to reject your work if we're not satisfied with it's content.

How to Participate:
Submit your videos here:Youtube Campaign Form


50++ Views* = 100 Stakes
100++ Views* = 250 Stakes

Articles campaign


Creation of original blog posts and articles about Token Creedex. Awarded bounties are at the sole discretion of  Token Creedex Team based on quality of content.
No tokens will be awarded if the post or article is found to be of low quality or plagiarized from other posts.

1. Bitcointalk account level must be Jr. Member or higher.
2. Every post or article must have a minimum of 500 words.
3. All articles written must be only unique content and correct grammar.
4. Articles must also be accessible by any member of the public. 
5. Article must contain at least 1 link pointing back to
6. One account per participant. Users who enter with multiple accounts will be banned from the campaign.

This includes
• Blogs
• Steemit
• Medium

Please be noted: If we've seen your articles get from internet or copy paste you're articles will be rejected and your reward will be forfeited. And we do have the right to reject your work if we're not satisfied with it.

How to participate:Blogs & Articles Creation Form


50 Stakes Per Article