This project is based on an existing Forex broker (in the market since 2004). The startup is designed to transfer the existing business model into the crypto environment. According to the Roadmap, the current technological practices and equipment will serve as a base for the broker’s new separate division, where all the operations with traders’ accounts will be processed in cryptocurrencies only.

The Post-ICO Bounty Campaign will start on 05.08.2018 and proceed till 04.10.2018 or till the budget has ended. After the Campaign has ended, we will distribute the entire award among all campaign participants within 1 weeks. 


Registration Airdrop


PLEASE NOTE: ONLY first 2000 participants will be accepted!


1.Register on https://forum.lh-crypto.com/forum/
2.Leave a post on the forum. Please do not mention bounty or you’ll be disqualified.
3.Your post must be constructive (at least 2 sentence) and on the topic subject.
4.Only one registration per user is allowed.
5.If you were caught on plagiarism (copying someone else's comments or LH-crypto project's content) you will be disqualified.
6.To take part you need to send the screenshot of your comment and of your profile (your e-mail must be seen)

You can ask all your questions in a special bounty group managed by Sandra Evans: https://t.me/bountysandraevansAlso, there you can find out new bounties regarding LH-crypto.

Disclaimer: the team can change the terms during the campaign.

Media Campaign


1)ONLY 120 articles and 80 videos are accepted!
2)Your articles/videos must be about LH-crypto platform, not about LH-crypto project!
3)Only first 20 approved articles and 15 approved videos in Russian will be accepted!

1.Low-quality articles and videos will not be accepted;
2.Articles and videos must be genuine. Copying graphics, text and other content are not allowed. (You can use official images, logos, graphics posted on the website, ANN thread, Facebook, and Twitter);
3.Articles must be longer than 500 words and at least 85% genuine, otherwise they will not be accepted.
4.In your article, you must use the official logo, put links for official website and telegram channel, your telegram username and link for your btt account;
5.Video must be at least 3 minutes long, shorter videos will not be accepted. You must have at least 100 subscribes;
6.Your videos must contain the following hashtags: #LH-Crypto, #Larson/u0026HolzLH;
7.You can use ONLY Steemit, Medium, Golos, Minds, Quora and other POPULAR blogging platforms. Personal blogs or web sites with unique audience are allowed too (please write @rita_brown in Telegram in order to confirm the opportunity to use a blog/web site). LinkedIn, Instagram and web sites like myicoreviews.com, vocalwalls.website are not allowed;
8.Only one article and one video per user are allowed;
9.Article/video will be counted only if you have 100 views or higher (please send a screenshot to the proof amount of viewers). For Steemit the value of your article must be at least $10, for Golos - at least $5;
10.If you were caught on cheating with views or plagiarism you will be permanently banned without any right to participate in a media campaign again;
11.Only the following languages are accepted: English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian; 
12.The quality of the content is determined by the project’s team and bounty manager. You can get bonus if your article/video is marked by the team or bounty manager;
13.You need register on https://my.bountyguru.com/manage/campaigns/232

Approved articles: 1
Approved videos: 0

Approved articles in Russian: 1
Approved videos in Russian: 0


The reward per article - 2000 LH_coin tokens
Bonus for article - 1500 LH_coin tokens

The reward per video - 3000 LH_coin tokens
Bonus for video - 1500 LH_coin tokens