FineCoin has developed a Bounty program for all Influencers, Youtubers and individuals with a large Social network.

Account creation bonus

We have decided to offer a bounty for bitcointalk members.
If you join us by registering to link below, you will receive 10 coins instantly.

When you become eligible to participate in our Bounty program, you will automatically receive double referral bonus (10%) from all direct referrals(Level 1) that join under you and make a purchase of at least 50 FINE tokens during the ICO.

On top of the referral bonus (as seen above) you will also receive a milestone bonus:

25 + Referrals = 250 additional FINE tokens

50 + Referrals = 550 additional FINE tokens

100 + Referrals = 1,200 additional FINE tokens

200 + Referrals  – 2,600 additional FINE tokens

Bounty referrals will be paid when ICO ends or when sold out.

Everyone is eligible to become a Bounty hunter once you get 10+ direct referrals.

Apart of the referral bounty presented above, you can also apply to earn tokens by helping us with the following:

  • 1. Share the post in large groups or social media accounts with considerable following base and you must be able to prove it. Reward : 100 – 500 FINEtokens based on how large the groups are.
  • 2. Translate the website in your language. Reward : 100 – 500 FINE tokens based on the popularity of the language in ICO areas
  • 3. If you are interested to help FineCoin but don’t know how – contact us and let’s decide together
  • 4. If you have a Youtube channel focused on a specific European language, (e.g. Bulgarian, Greek, Ethonian etc.) please contact us.
  • 5. We are looking for country ambassadors and would love to have you on board (of course ambassadors will be rewarded for their help).

For these opportunities please email us at – and let us know:

A link to your group or Youtube page after you share the post and your login details for our website.
The language you are willing to translate our page to or the country you want to represent as an ambassador.

Taken bounty jobs:

- Translations: french, greek, russian, romanian.

FineCoin website:
FineCoin whitepaper:
FineCoin official video:
FineCoin official bitcointalk thread :

Signature Campaign


To get a reward:
- Fill the registration form below and post it to this thread;
- No red trust or bad reputation allowed;
- Make at least 10 constructive posts per week;


- Bitcointalk username:
- Rank:
- Current post count:
- FineCoin address:


  • Jr. Member: 2.5 FINE per week
  • Member: 5 FINE per week
  • Full member: 10 FINE per week
  • Senior: 20 FINE per week
  • Hero: 30 FINE per week
  • Legendary: 40 FINE per week


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Bounty Program  ‚óŹ  Launch 20 January