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Frequently asked questions

How to get started?

For the beginning you should to have the number of the Ether wallet, which can be obtained by registering with MyEtherWalet. Select the project and tasks that you are able to accomplish and expect to receive coins. 
The riskes are: the project in which you are participating will not fulfill its obligations and coins will not be accrued. Liquidico.com is an informational site and provides a service for managing your activities and creating reports.

What is the meaning of bounty/airdrop?

Bounty/airdrop means giving tokens for the crypto-community. They will give tokens for giving thanks for the success of ICO or incentives. It is nice concept of giving money to people. You can get tokens for free, just comply all their tasks to get you tokens free. Some airdrops give tokens by filling up the form, others ICO give free tokens for downloading their apps. Easy tasks, easy money.

How to get free crypto?

First you should to create MyEtherWallet account (see instruction).

Second you should to be sure that you have active social media accounts to be able to get free crypto tokens.

How to sell airdropped crypto?

here the list of exchanges where you can see where you can best sell your crypto airdrops

Register an account at Bitcointalk

Go to bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=register or click register on bitcointalk.org link “Register”.

Choose username, enter your valod email, and create a password. Choose a strong password. Enter captcha and

register account. After registration you should be able to login.

Register Twitter account

Follow the link twitter.com/signup and fill in the fields.

Enter your phone number
and verify it.

Create a Facebook account

If you do not have a facebook account go to www.facebook.com and fill in the form:

Check your email and confirm your account:
You might also need to verify your account using your phone number. Facebook account will be necessary in some bounty campaigns.

Set up Telegram Messenger

Go to telegram.org and download the app. Or you can go to web.telegram.org/#/im You will need a phone to verify your account too.

Enter your phone number and receive verification code

Create MyEtherWallet account

Go to www.myetherwallet.com


Enter password. Keep in mind that this is the wallet where you coins will be held (at least for some time). The password should be strong.


Save keystore file and continue. Keep your keystore file in a safe place.


Save your private key. You will need private key and password in the future to get access to your wallet.

Choose access using “Private Key”. Enter your private key to unlock your account.
Now you will see your address in Ethereum blockchain that you will use to get your coins during airdrops and bounty campaigns. Copy and save it. You will need give it to bounty campaign managers.
You will see your balance too:
Take part in the projects you like.