The homepage of the site shows all Bounty projects. Going to the project, you can select "Bounty campaign of the project" by clicking on the"plus".

By pressing to the "plus" you can see the tasks  in your personal account in the "Tasks" corresponding to the chosen "company of the project bounty". The tasks will be scheduled exactly in accordance with the requirements on the official bitcointalk page and will be shown on the day when this task needs to be performed.

How is working the function "select "Bounty camapign of the project"" - click on the "plus"

For example, for the twitter bouty campaign you need to do 3 things:

  • fill in google form
  • make the retweet
  • past the link in the google excel

By pressing to the plus beside such a project, you will receive 3 tasks in your personal account:

  • the item with google form
  • the item with a description of the order for the retweet of the required message
  • the task will appear in the certain day

Working with us you just need to perform every day tasks that appear in the office. But you must independently recheck all the details of the projects, as their change is possible.

Each task in the project has two text input fields. The first field is "Comments", filling it in, you will be able to edit to see and edit it whenever this task is relevant. The second field is the "report" made to enter information required for the report. All the data that was entered into the fields and the tickers that the user chose were available for download in the "Report" section

If you have selected the project, then on the main page such a project will be marked with star .

All the functions described above are available after registration.